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Imperial Cities

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Do you dream of a Thousand and One Nights, of tales and wonders, bewitchment and change of scenery? So let yourself be transported to the twelve most beautiful places in Morocco. Close your eyes. Imagine. It’s hot. All around you, an architecture bursting with details and colors, squares overflowing with life, stalls piled up in...
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Best month to visit morocco
The best times to visit Morocco are the seasons: spring and autumn. Summer can be hot in the south of the country and winter can be cold in the Atlas. By choosing your destination well, however, you can find a region of Morocco that is pleasant to visit throughout the year. The best month to...
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Packing for a trip can be the most exciting thing, but at the same time, it is tiring especially when you have no idea about the weather and the culture of the country. While packing for your trip to Morocco in summer, long shorts and t-shirts are ok but do not forget to bring a...
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